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* Xango Music presents Elza Soares at Le Guess Who? festival.
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* New tour Aziza Brahim coming up:
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* Greekadelia's Kristi Stassinopoulou releases new album with NYN:
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Xango Music Agency represents artists and offers live music for venues and festival. Our main field of activity is the Benelux. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.
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Elza Soares

On Saturday, 12 November, the legendary Brazilian queen of samba Elza Soares will give a rare live performance at Le Guess Who? Festival in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Aziza Brahim

Tabal-player and singer Aziza Brahim incorporates her Sahraoui roots with the music of her energetic Spanish band, resulting in both contemplative and festive music.
Damir Imamovic Sevdah Takht

Damir Imamović's sevdah is a new step in the development of the tradition of sevdah. His lyrical ballads full of raw emotions enchant audiences around the world.
Kristi Stassinopoulou & Schema NYN

Greekadelia shines a new light on old Greek, Macedonian and Asian Minor traditionals, by a virtuoso use of oud, harmonium, tambourine and live sampling.
Monsieur Doumani

This three-piece band rearranges Cypriot traditional songs adding their own particular color to the sound and feeling of the songs.
Olcay Bayir

Olcay Bayir's songs unfold stories of Anatolian love and mystery, inspired by the meeting of Asian and Mediterranean musical traditions.

Fusing the folk and urban traditions of her Zambian homeland and her Scottish roots with London’s eclectic music scene, Namvula blends African sounds and rhythms with Latin, jazz and folk into uplifting and emotive songs.
Imam Baildi

Forget folklore, and get ready for intense urban sounds straight from Athens Greece with a live set that has been tested to get virtually all audiences to their feet.

Combining the purity of a cappella with live-sampling, YANTRA explores the spiritual and folkloric music from the traditional heritage of Bulgaria, India and England.
Alma Afrobeat Ensemble

This band from Barcelona hits the road and delivers fiestas all over Europe with funky, energetic and not-to-miss afrobeat and afrofunk!
Joana Amendoeira

Joana Amendoeira is considered one of the most important singers of the "New Generation". In her singing, fado wins new glow, new attitude, without deviating from tradition.
Perunika Trio

The three singers of Perunika share a love of the dramatic beauty of Bulgarian folk music, where pagan past, Church Slavonic tradition and five centuries of Ottoman rule fuse, leading you to an exciting journey into Slavic spirituality.
Nabil Othmani

Nabil Baly Othmani got the talent to move his audience with his subtle guitar play. His music travels between pure traditional touareg music, Algerian chaabi and desert blues.
Thomas Mapfumo

“The Lion of Zimbabwe”, as legend Thomas Mapfumo is called, keeps on rocking the world with his Chirumenga music. Available for European bookings.